Аctive radar homing head of medium-range “air-to-air” missiles R-27R, R-27ER

Technical proposal for active radar seeker head

"Radionix" company conducts researches in the field of active monopulse Doppler radar seeker head (RHH), designed for "air-to-air“ missiles. We offer R-27ER - the X-band active seeker designed for medium range "air-to-air“ missiles R-27R

Active radar seeker head appearance
System designation

The active seeker system operates simultaneously with the missile guidance mechanism in search of different types of targets (maneuverable and non-maneuverable). The system can easily act under all weather conditions at any direction and free space or at the surface “shadow”. Additionally, it may cope with the electronic countermeasures. The offered system provides:

•search, lock-on and target tracking according to the loaded target designation

•target position angles, line of sight velocity and target to missile line speed measurements

•radio link signals receiving and decoding

•processing and sending of signals to missile’s control system.

Operating modes

1.Testing of preliminary target designation from the carrier radar to the launch of the missile;

2.Inertial guidance with the radio-link from the launcher at the initial stage of guidance and an active homing at a final stage.

3.The semi-active mode is possible when the control radar getting an illumination transmitter.

4.Inertial guidance without the radio-link from the launcher at the initial stage of guidance and an active homing at a final stage.

5.Active seeker radar aiming.

Fourth and fifth seeker operational modes provide autonomous guidance of missiles according to the ‘fire and forget‘ principle.

1. A module of a digital synthesizer    UHF

The microwave synthesizer module provides the formation of a specified grid and heterodyne signals in a wide frequency range, a highly stable reference frequency signal and a control signal, controlled by a computer. Accuracy of the output and heterodyne signals depends on rating values for the grid of frequencies, and should be not worse ±10-7. Long-term instability of the output and heterodyne frequencies should not exceed 10-7 for 10 minutes at the  temperatures difference 30°С in the range from -55°С to +70°С.

2. The module of the power amplifier UHF

This is a part of a receiver-transmitter channel, which is designed to provide four-stages amplification  of the signal power.

The solid-state version of the power amplifier is offered.

3. The Аntenna

The Antenna is equipped with the UHF elements of receiver-transmitter channel which provides transmission of the  output signals and receiving of reflected signals from the target.

4. Microwave three-channel receiving module

The module consists of three identical channels, each is intended for amplification of UHF signals, received by antenna unit, frequency transducing and transmission of signal to IF receiver inputs.

5. Radio link Receiver 

Consist of the microwave module and radio link decoding module. The Receiver is designed for ground based radars guidance correction signals  receiving, decoding and transmission to the seeker’s computer.

6. The digital signal processor unit

The unit consists of preamplifier, ADC module, digital signal processor, and synchronization module. The digital signal processor unit implements initial amplification of received signals. Also it measures time selection of received signals, processes algorithms of frequency conversion, digital Doppler filtering, target’s acquisition and tracking Doppler signals, reflected from the target and the counter-countermeasures algorithms.

The unit configuration could be easily modifies and new signal processing algorithms could be introduced to upgrade seeker head in the future.

7. Digital сomputer.

Digital computer consist of the input-output module and digital processor mode. It is designed according to the open architecture principle. Digital computer provides control of the seeker units, data receiving, processing and its sending, which allows to implement the interface function with the external systems as well.

8. Power supply

The power supply unit is designed to  transform input voltage to the set of stabilized voltages. It contains all the power modules of seeker head devices (both analog and digital) and filter cards.

Tactical-technical characteristics (specification):
Electrical parameters of an active RHH :
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