Description of EW complex «Omut-F»

«Omut-F» is the container version of an airborne electronics counter-measures (ECM) complex, and designed for the individual protection of an aircraft and for the protection of a small tactical groups of the aircrafts from the electronics weapon control systems.
«Omut-F» system generates the different types of an active jamming: coherent jamming, noise jamming, and imitation jamming.
The principle of jamming generation based on the multiple repeating of the enemy electronic systems signals, have been received and modulated by «Omut-F» system according to the preprogrammed algorithms.
While an enemy's radar is in the search mode, «Omut-F» system creates the noise jamming which affect target parameters (the range, velocity and angles) measurement schemes of the radar. There are a lot of false targets all around the radar indicator in this case and there is impossible to choose the right target.
If the radar is in the tracking mode, «Omut-F» system generates the signals which can affect angle-measurement and tracking schemes of the radar, thus the radar antenna changes its direction to the false target position.
While jamming of the radar seekers, «Omut-F» system creates the signals, which is making the horning head tracking systems to break the lock. This can affect successfully the missile guidance
«Omut-F» system retains all operational modes of the old system and provides the variety of a new ones.
The main principle of op ration is the continuous intercommunicating between the multi-channel receiver modules, the digital signals analyze module and the jamming modulator unit.
The multichannel receiver provides the continuous wideband (1 GHz) scanning of the frequency band.
During the analyze time the received wideband signal being processes by the digital processors and after that it goes to the logical schemes to detect the possible treats. According to the results of the signal analyze and chosen jamming type, the control commands to the jamming modulator is performed.

Multi-channel frequency-phase modulator makes possible to generate up to 20 jamming signals individually to the 20 radio electronics systems. Each jamming signal is the original received signal which is modulated by the amplitude, frequency and phase according to the chosen jamming algorithm.

Due to DRFM modules installed, «Omut-F» system provides a multiple emissions of the "spectrum copies" of the enemy radars signals which are then received by the radar and reflected on the radar screen as multiple false range targets.There is an AWG (Arbitrary Waveform Generator) technology has been realized in «Omut-F» system. This allow to generate one of the stored in digital signals analyze module memory complex signals.

Zones of spatial processing the aircraft
electronic protection system «Omut-F»
Variants of interfering impacts

Complex «Omut-F» can produce following types of active interference to radar stations and weapon control homing missiles:

Technical characteristics «Omut-F»